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Providing effective speech, language, and feeding therapy to children and their families.
Our Mission


Unlike larger organizations or therapy practices, families always interact with me. Communication is ongoing. Issues are dealt with promptly. We work as a team. My families know that I am thorough, up-to-date, research driven, inquisitive, tenacious, and a good listener.

Networking allows me to stay on top of the services that our community offers and those that may be offered in neighboring areas or communities around the country. Families that move away often stay in touch allowing me to learn about services in these communities that may be of benefit to my current caseload.

Effecticomm has seen continuingly positive results from the following services offered:

  • Oral Motor Feeding Evaluations:
    Thorough assessment of oral motor skills, muscle strength and oral musculature, age-appropriate oral motor skills for safe feeding, oral aversion/sensitivity to taste/texture or visual characteristics. Assessments include full review of medical history provided to therapist, interview of parents, hands-on meal together, assessment of oral motor skills, oral motor structures, intake, safety of the, suck, swallow and breathe for bottle feeding, chewing, comprehensive report, follow-up with medical providers, development of home program, referral for further medical management as needed (i.e. GI specialist, modified barium swallow, allergist, etc).
  • Oral Motor Feeding Therapy:
    Programs designed to address the individual need of each infant, toddler and child based on their medical status, skill level, prior history with feeding, and sensory system. Programs are designed collaboratively with parents to support the child in making improvements related to eating, drinking, sucking, swallowing and chewing.
  • Oral Motor Feeding Consultations:
    Designed to work with professionals on the child’s current team assisting them to help move the child forward in advancing their interest and skill level in the area of oral motor and feeding.
  • Speech/Language/Articulation Assessments:
    Designed to assess the child's current skill level in the areas of speech, language and articulation using diagnostic measures, parent interview, interaction with the child at play, and review of any and all medical, therapeutic and educational history.
  • Articulation and Speech Intelligibility:
    Differential Diagnosis to understand the issues impacting development of age appropriate speech and speech that is easy to understand. Issues affecting clear speech may include delay, weakness in the oral musculature, recurrent ear infections, phonological disorders, poor attending and focus, differences in oral structures, reverse swallow, and oral motor planning deficits (Apraxia of speech).
  • Voice:
    Issues relating to quality of voice such as hyper or hyponasality of speech are assessed as they relate to speech intelligibility, rate of speech and vocal hygiene. If more specific objective diagnostic measures are recommended referral will be made to specific medical clinics with appropriate diagnostic equipment.

Areas of Interest:

  • Language Delay and Disorders
  • Apraxia of Speech
  • Language and Learning
  • Articulation Delay and Disorders
  • Cerebral Palsy and Feeding/Speech
  • Oral Motor Difficulties Affecting Speech and Feeding
  • Eating Disorders and Difficulties Including:
    • Feeding Aversions
    • Cleft Lip and Palate - Relating to Speech and Feeding
  • Aural Rehabilitation
  • Voice Disorders
  • Poor Speech Intelligibility
  • Prematurity of Birth and feeding
  • Swallowing Disorders in Infants and Children

It is my goal to offer each child a wide variety of up-to-date, well researched, and individualized therapy services.

By thoroughly getting to know each child, I can capitalize on their strengths and utilize this information to offer strategies to the child and family that allow them to fully engage in the therapy process leading to improved skills. It is my goal, that as the therapy process unfolds we discover together, learning styles and strategies that are useful throughout the child’s educational and lifetime experiences.

Therapy is a partnership between the child, therapist, and family. I am lucky to be involved in this early relationship!